Thursday, October 6, 2011

The First Taste of Fall!

The garden is still pumping
summertime style.
Peas and corn have a love
The garden continues to produce – pun very much intended. I’m really thinking about winter. Rain is on the way already and I need to prepare much sooner than expected. This year I’ll keep track of the rainfall in a more accurate way with a journal. I haven’t kept a formal journal the last couple years but I can tell you that this is the third cool fall where rain started early. I hear little in predictions this year and I suspect that maybe the weather crew is a little bit bitten and afraid to make a call anymore.

I went to Ganahl and bought some lattice and lumber to put up some windbreaks. I spent four precious hours to put up 30 feet of fence. The photos here show where things are still happening and areas like the crookneck and zucchini patch where we took out easily 500 pounds of vegetables in the last three months but are just about done. I am actually looking forward to winter because I have to try some new things. I am not sure whether to cover areas or not. I suspect that I will need to but then how? Do I use little cloches or do I doo a hoop house or try to build a full on greenhouse? The weather is already starting to happen so it is time to get a move on.
The mighty tractor in action!
Boo! Here come the mighty
Tomatoes are going off extra
ripe for our new dishes!
The squash patch of 1000 pounds
is on its last leg.

The new water tank needs to go up. We’ll need a backhoe, a load of gravel and some plumbing. I already ran the electrical when I built the garden. While the backhoe is out we’ll dig a little larger area for a greenhouse and utility shed. While we’re at it we need to dig holes for trees. It is the season planting fruit trees and grape. I am heading out to De Luz to load up on plants on Thursday unless the rain gets too crazy…I took these photos right before the rain and I’ll take some right after to see the effect on the plants. Get ready for broccoli kids!

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