Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Rain Boots to Rainbows?!

October 13, 2011

Holy Moly Stuff! Y does to take so long to write? I was prepping for the rain last time we talked. When it did rain I had all this super bitchen stuff to write about. Stuff like how I hadn’t worn my rubber mud boots in months. They still fit! It turns out that my growth spurt is not affecting the size of my boots. Actually I am shrinking because I don’t eat anything but great and healthy food. Thanks to the man!

The latest harvest!!
But the boot stuff and all was going to be cool. Here I meant to recreate “the feel of sinking into the freshly washed and naturally moved sediment that was just months ago preglacial spasmatic debris flow”, how beautiful.  We all were able to put on winter ware which was weird.  We went from “should we blanket the horses?” to “Where are their fly masks now?” in three days in October. I should be panning for gold with the Anaheim Germans who will be at Ladera’s Oktoberfest party but it is 102 right now and I not sure why they are wearing high-heels.  We went from the abnormally inspired winter-talk of last week to “I’m glad I had my shorts dry-cleaned last week”. This makes me think I am in not ready to go deer hunting. My Rainbows will get smattered with blood and dry a’ fore I e’er get them clean!

Anyway, the rain was nice. It gave us a month or more of free water for the pond. I also turned off the irrigation system for the first time. It was exciting – kind of like the first time you stole something and knew you would never be caught – but wait kids, it turns out we actually never stole anything, we just thought we did and now you think we were thieves but now know we are not. Rainwater is free! So we’ll pan for gold and use free water as the climatologists will be wrong and we will turn in to the latest water garden paradise. We should start planting redwoods now and we’ll have a lumberyard in 40 years.

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